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Futuriafuels team

About Futuria Fuels

Working together for a defossilised future

We are proud of our team, our mission and our partners. Together we are building a sustainable future for off-grid customers.

Futuria Fuels is on a mission to enhance sustainable fuels through innovation – and do this for the many, not just the few.

We're excited to build on our experience and drive new ways of thinking. It's not just work to us – it's also our passion

Our Company

Who are Futuria Fuels?

For over 125 years, SHV Energy has been delivering off-grid fuels around the world. Having already transitioned from coal to oil and from oil to LPG, we are now energised to develop a future with sustainable fuels. 

As the drive to tackle climate change and to hit net-zero targets has risen, SHV Energy displayed vision by establishing us, Futuria Fuels - a dedicated business unit whose mission is to enable innovation that will accelerate the development and availability of sustainable fuels. Through collaboration, partnership, and investment, we will make this happen.

The result will be the scaling of on-purpose production of renewable liquid gas. This will allow us to drop in sustainable molecules in existing infrastructure and immediately reduce carbon emissions.

There is a lot to be done and we are already hard at work. 

The heart of Futuria Fuels

Big plans need special people to make them happen. Our team is full of experienced, creative and enthusiastic experts. 
If you have an idea, we have the team to make it happen.  Here is who you will be working with. 

Management team

Executive support

Commercial team

Technology team

In country project director

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