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Welcome to Futuria Fuels

We’re all in on
sustainable fuels
for off-grid

Futuria Fuels sees a sustainable future for the liquid fuels industry. Through collaboration, we have already started building it. Here’s how.

The greatest challenge for off-grid fuel supply is finding viable sustainable fuel alternatives for a wide range of existing applications. We are developing sustainable pathways for on-purpose production, at volume affordably. 

Futuria Fuels is collaborating with academics, industry and technology providers to develop these solutions. 

Introducing Futuria Fuels


Who are we?

A business unit of SHV Energy, Futuria Fuels is innovating on-purpose production of sustainable fuels predominantly in the form of renewable liquid gas. 

SHV Energy has been safely delivering energy to customers across the world for over 125 years. We pioneered the introduction of bioLPG to the market in 2018. SHV Energy focuses on the off-grid market. It is critical that we develop sustainable alternatives in this sector if we are to achieve global sustainability and net-zero targets. 

Futuria Fuels was founded by SHV Energy to lead the global advocacy of sustainable molecules, aiming to deliver viable sustainable fuel to off-grid customers. Through collaboration, we are building partnership and investment opportunities which will directly result in the defossilisation of liquid gas for customers and suppliers.

The Futuria Fuels team and our partners are already hard at work.

Collaborate with us

We are in this together

Futuria Fuels is bringing together the brightest minds in the LPG industry, academia, and technology providers to change off-grid fuels. 
We are developing on-purpose processes to produce:

  • bioLPG
  • rDME
  • eLPG and rLPG
  • H2

These technologies are leading the off-grid sector to a defossilised future, where fuels are created from a wide range of sustainable feedstocks. 

Rebecca Groen Futuria Fuels

Futuria Fuels around the world


Where you’ll find us

Futuria Fuels may be new, but we’re building on a strong heritage within the SHV Energy family.  We’ve been busy.  Across the world, we already have 22 active projects and counting.

These include research, development, technology, construction, and proof of concept activities. If you’d like to get on the Futuria Fuels map, you can find out how here: 

Futuria Global Map

USA Broad Programme partners

GTI Energy Ethanol to LPG scale-up

LanzaTech Novel Pathways to LPG

USA R&D partners

Illinois Institute of Technology Electrochemical conversion of CO2 and H2 to propane

Penn State University Non-Thermal plasma conversion of CO2 and H2 to propane


University of Bahia Biomass dewatering with DME

University of Santa Caterina Butyric Acid to propane

Universidade federal fluminense Ethanol to LPG

Universidade Federal Rio de Janeiro LPG from plastics

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Conversion of agricultural residues to propane

Propeq Negative carbon intensity ethanol optimization

United Kingdom R&D partners

Aston university Butyric acid to propane

Queens university LPG from volatile fatty acids

Ulster University Microbial production of propane

The university of Manchester Catalytic cracking of plastic wastes to LPG


University of Amsterdam -CO2 + H2 to LPG

University of Brescia Syngas to LPG

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin Part of a consortium between the University of Cape Town and many more for the transformation of syngas to LPG


Institute of chemical technology Aqueous phase rephorming of sewage sludge to bioLPG

National Institute of Technology Calicut BioLPG from rice straw


EnzymeTree  Microbial production of propane 

South Africa

University of Cape Town  Part of a consortium between Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin and many more for the transformation of syngas to LPG. 

United Kingdom Programme Partner

Drochaid research

Contact us

If you’re ready to get started, so are we

The future of off-grid fuel awaits us. If you want to discuss a new research plan, technology idea, a collaboration or would like more information, we’d love to hear from you. Drop your details below and we’ll speak soon.

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