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Collaboration Futuria Fuels

Collaborating for a sustainable future

We work better together

Futuria Fuels sees a future where the off-grid fuel sector is enabled by sustainable fuels. Can you help us get there?

We are working to accelerate innovation in sustainable fuel solutions for the liquid gas industry.  

Our role is to support the change. So, if you’re an academic, technology partner, or off-grid fuel supplier with a bright idea, we need to talk.

Academic Collaboration


Supporting research and development

Futuria Fuels are looking for teams in academia with ideas to help defossilise the LPG industry and off-grid sector.

We want to encourage fresh perspectives on:

  • On-purpose sustainable fuel production 
  • Novel or repurposed fuel production processes
  • Increased yield efficiency
  • Carbon emission reduction across the fuel’s life cycle

If you have a plan for research or a technology which could be developed to work in these or related areas, Futuria Fuels can help with the next step. We offer support, advocacy and, in some instances, funding, to get you to work. 

Let’s talk and we can explore your idea together.

Academic Collaboration

Our academic partners

Ulster University

Making bioLPG with microbes

Ulster University

Most LPG is sourced from either refining oil or natural gas deposits. However, how the LPG came to be formed in natural gas deposits was not previously understood. The team at Ulster University decided to investigate whether a microbial mechanism could explain it. If microbes were at work, then we could use them in future on-purpose bioLPG production processes. The good news is that the team managed to identify microbes which make small amounts of propane!. While the process is very slow, it does present a very promising potential route for future research.

Technology Partners


Developing and scaling solutions

Futuria Fuels are working with technology partners around the world to turn science into affordable operations. We are collaborating to build facilities and begin the process of scaling up the production of bioLPG and alternative fuels such as rDME and hydrogen. We’re also looking for technology partners who have ideas to aid with carbon capture, repurposing, and storage.

Futuria Fuels are working with technology partners to take their existing or new technologies and develop them to benefit the off-grid sector.

If you’re ready to take the next step with your technology, Futuria Fuels are keen to collaborate. Reach out and we can help make your big idea happen.

Collaboration-technology partners

Our technology partners

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